Passive electrical components

 Series: 800 Ribbon Shunt axial - Low Inductance, RoHS-compliant

with punched leads

Drawing: WEGO - Ribbon Shunt axial Series 800 in standard design. Pitch 12 mm, other pitch dimensions upon request.


Type 800

Type 810

Type 816

Type 812


Variable designs, upon request.

Technical Data:


RM (pitch)

12 mm, other pitch dimensions possible;


H (height)

max. 40 mm;


S (thickness)

0.3 mm to 0.5 mm;


B (width)

3 mm to 5 mm;



Type 810 : 1 Pin, 1 mm,



Type 816 : 2 Pins, 1 mm,



Type 812 : 1 Pin, 2.1 mm;


Measuring point:

on the upper side of the circuit board;


Pin length:

2.5 mm (3 mm).

Resistance range:


6 mΩ to 40 mΩ

Power range:


1 W to 8 W



Stamped designation of the resistance value on the leg is possible upon request.



5 %; 3 %



This product is manufactured completely, including the leads (pins), out of a resistance alloy. Very low thermal voltage is realized on this compact design, as welding is not required. Pitch and outer dimensions are extremely variable, designed for special and close fit solutions. Special designs, as shown on previous page, are always possible.



Switching power units, Frequency converters, Current supplies, Automotive applications, Precision measuring equipment.



Suitable for highest loads, especially for impulse loads (short time exposure up to 60 A with type 812 and type 816); low inductance. Due to design necessities, the measuring point will be on the upper side of the circuit board. We suggest to contact through the board if using wave soldering process.


Applied materials

Temperature-coefficient [PPM/degree]

Thermal voltage against Cu [µV/K]

specific resistance [Ω * qmm/m]

maximum working temperature


-80 to +40



350 °C


Temperature range:

-55 °C to +350 °C

Load reduction:

linear from 70 °C to 350 °C (0 Watt)

Long-time constancy:


Solder ability:

partially suitable for wave bath soldering process.


bulk goods, if necessary shrink-wrapped in polyethylene bags.

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